How I went from the stress-out “disconnected and detached” woman

to helping hundreds of people transform their anxious, fearful, lack-luster lives into calm, confident, and powerful energies.

Before the global accolades and awards. Before the on-line programs. Before the life changing experiential nurse- coach, hypnotism, and mind expanding imagery- individually crafted and continually in progress. There was a “disconnected and detached” woman.

  • Going through the motions.

  • Eager to fit in.

  • Desperate for approval.

  • Scared to do anything that did not fit the societal description of what and who I should be.

I had to get REAL with myself first!

Hi there, I am Christy. As a mom, wife, professional, and business owner; I strive to live a life that will out live me. I am learning to face my own fears, accept my imperfections, and embrace this messy life in the moment.

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Breathe, Be Still, and Listen… 

At first, my breath was all over the place.

At first, my mind was too busy.

At first, I did not trust the quieter voice from within and the “you’re not good enough” and “ you can’t do THAT!” was wildly untamed and viciously loud.


Yet I continued to breathe, be still, and listen; and ….

Every day in every way, I got better and better!

And the more and more I continued to breathe, be still, and listen; and …. The more and more I got better and better, every day in every way, 

And I know you can too. The science proves just that.

We have the power within us



And this leads to


towards your goal!

Our perfect design allows for us to change.

The science of epigenetics, neuroplasticity, psychoneuroimmunology, and the honest innate goodness within all of us demonstrates this. I use all my healthcare expertise & know-how; my love of science, medicine, & psychology; as well as my passion for creating for change, healing, and expanding personal/ professional growth.

I help you find that harmonic balance within your mind, body, and soul. It's hypnotic coaching woven with the compassion of nursing... think east meets west or science meets woo. 

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When you connect with yourself you will reach unstoppable mindset, tap into unrelenting motivation, and take inspired action every day.

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The great news, you can change!

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