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From childbirth to weight loss to mental health support, hypnosis provides an effective way to claim more health and happiness. You already have the power within you to change your habits and mindset. Christy’s programs simply show you how to unleash that power.

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Safer Easier More Comfortable Birth with HypnoBirthing®

Once you announced your pregnancy, did everyone have some unexplained need to tell you their birth horror stories?

I don’t understand that habit, but it’s so prevalent. Expectant moms frequently experience anxiety and stress about their pregnancies and upcoming birth. Even when everything is going well, you may feel worried.

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Christy uses the unparalleled success and evidence of the HypnoBirthing® childbirth preparation program.

This program allows every mama the opportunity to tap into her power for a happier, calmer, easier birthing journey.

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Helpful Mind

Perhaps you’ve noticed that our world isn’t exactly set up to support healthy minds and spirits. Women, in particular, have a tremendous amount resting on their shoulders. Raising children, running businesses, and managing hectic schedules can take a toll on your mental well-being, even when everything is “going right.”

Feelings of guilt and overwhelm are often quick to attack women. You may feel like you can’t keep up or are failing at something.

Hypnosis with Christy can help you change that story so that your mind is helping you feel calm, not chaotic. 

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Healthy Body

The mind-body connection is more significant than many people realize. But that doesn’t mean that you have to rely on willpower and self-control to get your body to a healthy weight that makes you feel great.

Instead, hypnosis programs for weight management work by unlocking your brain’s power to change your behaviors. This isn’t a fad or gimmick. You won’t need to live on grapefruits or cabbage soup. You’ll tap into your body’s ability to achieve and maintain an optimal weight for you, reclaiming the benefits that come with that. Additionally, an evidence-based, structured support program is available to use alongside hypnotherapy. 

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The Creation of Enter Into Calm

After spending decades in healthcare, I was tired of seeing so many people give up on themselves. It was disheartening to witness fellow humans who felt that they had no power to lead an incredible life. 


"I went straight to the root causes: guilt, shame, and fear. Left unchecked, these normal feelings can trip us up and steal our joy, health, and best life. I help you learn how to enter into calm so that your body and mind work in alignment to help you reach your goals."

Are you ready for less anxiety and less fear? Do you desire more confidence, more peace, and more grace? It can be yours.

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Recently Christy shared her story and some hypnosis secrets on the Compassion Before Judgement hosted by Jagdeep Hayre

I was freaked my first time going into labor, like, 'What if I panic? What if I just freak out and am not prepared for it?' This just prepares you."

-Jessica Alba



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