Resources For Hypnotists & Coaches

Hello, fellow healers, hypnotists, coaches, and NLP practitioners. Maybe you’ve heard me speak at an event, listened to a podcast, found me on socials, or just landed here… any way you have arrived and I am glad you are here.

Here are a couple of resources I am currently sharing and the list keep growing.
I will keep you informed on upcoming content and hope you keep in touch.

NLP Healing and Empowerment Script

Create a safe way for clients to reflect back upon their life and “see” events in a new way.

10 Business Savvy Ways to Keep Clients Happy

Are your clients happy? Or merely satisfied? Exceed expectations and create EMOTIONS!

The Healing Power of Words

Powerful yet subtle. Words can turn a thought into reality, a dream into a vision.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy.


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