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Expecting? Congratulations!

Your life is about to change...

Birth should be a joyful time ... but it is often met with FEAR and ANXIETY

Oh, gosh, that's right... a baby. Growing here, inside of me. It will grow and then...

FEAR!!! It sets in early! Ok great, now conception has occurred but next is LABOR. OMG!!! Your brain, your mind quickly accesses ALL of those birth stories. People you meet have a story and they can't help but share it with you... they share every last scream, induction failure, episiotomy, pelvic floor injury, c-section, painful epidurals, back pains, hours of anguish, pushing FOREVER, and on and on and on.

Can I do this? Is there a way to just be knocked out and wake me when it's over? Can I get the epidural at 38 weeks? I have no idea what I am doing!!!

Wait... is there a better way?


Introducing... Hypnobirthing!

Let's imagine for just a second, close your eyes. Oh no, can't do that or you won't be able to read this. Ok, read and then close your eyes...

Imagine birthing your baby, in a manner where you feel nothing but calm and overwhelmingly safe and supported. You can birth your baby gently and calmly in a setting that you chose... a hospital, a birthcenter, or at home.

During the birth you are surrounded by your partner and they become a protector, guide, and role model for this little one. They are supporting and advocating for you.

You chose to birth in a calm, serene, natural manner and even experience deep relaxation and you bring your baby into the world, into your welcoming arms.

Your body and baby are performing the most beautiful birth ballet, with grace and elegance.


You are prepared with ways to cope, breath, relax; all of which comes easily because you know what to expect, you understand that you can control so much of your mind and your mind will allow your body to birth with ease.

Calm can happen in the labor suite and you can have a beautiful delivery no matter what the journey. (close eyes here and imagine! Take a calming breath...aah!)

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CALMER and more CONFIDENT birth for mom, partner, & baby


There are so many benefits to using hypnobirthing techniques...

  • Eliminates the Fear-Tension-Pain cascade
  • Reduces need for chemical anesthesia and episiotomy
  • Lessens fatigue during labor, leaving mom feeling energized, fresh, and awake
  • Shortens the dilation phase of labor, often by hours
  • Reduces risk of pelvic floor damage
  • Creates wonderful bond between mom, partner, and baby even before birth
  • Brings partner into the birth as an integral part and not merely an onlooker
  • Easier post-partum emotional, & physical recovery
  • Birthing is returned to the safe, beautiful experience nature intended

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Moms, Birth Partners, & Providers Rave

It is normal for most women

of the modern world to think of vaginal birth, immediately tense up, and allow for sensations of fear to wash over their face and dominate their body language.

... but 5 short weeks later I can say with confidence that I now look forward to my birthing day with curiosity and a sense of adventure instead of dread and worry. ... an invaluable and lifelong gift - a body of knowledge and practice that could not have been acquired through books or independent study alone.

~Elizabeth H.

"I can’t overemphasize how thankful I am

to Christy for teaching to access and my own inner tools and thus prepare to be a full and active participant on my birthing day.

Christy’s course also coaxed me into contemplating and bringing to the surface some personal fears outside of birth. 

This allowed me to properly reorganize my thoughts and perceptions and transform them into healthier patterns. ...

 the benefits and skills gained from of this course will reach far beyond just my birthing day."

~Beth W.

From the Dad-to-be Perspective

Christy was amazing and put us and at ease from the very beginning. I learned more that first session then I ever expected, or ever knew I needed to know. What will happen? How does this all work? What is my role? Questions I didn't even know I had were answered.

... As a first-time dad I learned about my role, and how to be present and purposeful...

A sense of calm enveloped me in my daily life."

~Jesse W.

“HypnoBirthing has brought the birth experience a new level of enjoyment,

not only for the birthing woman and her birth companion, but also for me as a practitioner.

Certainly, nine times out of ten, when the babies come out, they are calm and very content and go to the breast immediately. The mother is alert and involved in the birthing process and in bringing her baby to the breast and helping the baby to breast feed.

All in all, HypnoBirthing® is a wonderful birth experience.”

~Dr. Jeffrey Segil, FACOG, Dover Women’s Health Center

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Meet Christy Cowgill

It's no wonder she is masterful at helping others feel immediately at ease, she has spent more than a decade providing anesthesia for people undergoing painful surgery, procedures, and childbirth. She is insightful, friendly, and open-minded.

Hypnosis is nothing more than the using one's powerful mind to be curious and change an experience from negative and uncomfortable to more positive, calmer, and more comfortable. It's as easy and as difficult as that!

Christy creates the space for you to uncover your resistance, your fear, or your barriers while the destination and the journey become clearer and calmer.

One thought, one breath, &

one session at a time. 


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