Hi, I’m Christy. I am a crazy amazing coach and hypnotist.

I did not have a linear route into this holistic healing space.

Yet it all weaves together towards a wonderful purpose.

There was a Health Care Exploration Club at my High School that is how I held a “REAL” human brain at the Mayo Clinic. I became a Certified Nurse Assistant and worked at a nursing home. I was the one holding the hand of someone’s dying mother, grandmother, father, or grandfather- and I was 16 years old.

My formal nursing career was launched delivering chemotherapy to individuals struggling with cancers and caring for those living with HIV/AIDS- called the “gay cancer” at that time in the 1990’s. Opportunities presented themselves and I worked in liver transplantation and trauma.

Various aspects of my journey landed me within the highly technical land of anesthesiology. I returned to Mayo Clinic for my anesthesia residency less than a decade after holding the brain. Becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) again opened many opportunities- including high-risk mother-baby areas and cutting-edge outpatient surgery arenas. I absolutely love finding small ways to make each person I connect with experience calm and peace.

My joy is seeing others take back all their control and agency all the while their pain and suffering fades.

By 2018, I had been going non-stop in healthcare for 27 years and burn-out was starting to sink in. I was disconnected and detached- simply going through the motions. I was a mom to two young children now and the demanding schedule was not something I wanted to keep up with at such a high cost. Integrative Nurse Coach Academy came into my life at the right moment- I had access to coaching, which I did not even realize I needed. I needed to shift but I felt like I would be defeated somehow by all the expectations around me.

Then, my desires started to become clearer, and my fear-anxiety about “not being-enough” started to melt away.

Hypnosis the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person makes changes or resolves stuck emotions in order to heal- this is the crux of anesthesia married with the blessing of coaching! It made sense when I answered the call to become a Certified Professional Hypnotist. I found how to bridge the art and science once again to my purpose.

I can help people can heal from physical, emotional, or spiritual wounds and disease.

Bringing my warm heart, knowledge, and expertise; I serve private 1:1 clients and small groups- with mindfulness coaching practice, trauma-informed well-being, and holistic modalities to create permanent change.

Making positive changes through hypnosis and everyday living coping strategies leads you not only to discover what changes you want to create but to MAKE those changes. Imagine eliminating negative or unwanted habits and being able to stop doing things you don’t want to continue to do.

You really are what we think…so that means you can change. Hypnosis can help with insomnia, pain management, stress reduction, weight loss, smoking cessation, fears, anxiety, confidence, and more.

When we are more compassionate, kind humans- both to ourselves, our loved ones, and all others- when can ease into alignment with the mind, the emotions, and the body. We can enjoy moments of stillness readily ~ we can heal more rapidly and fully ~ we can live, birth, and die more peacefully ~ we can welcome calm into our everyday regardless of the expectations and demands.

Focusing our awareness on this is the exact prescription for change, growth, and purpose.

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Nursing profession extends from cradle to grave. This entire life cycle background prepared me well for the ICU- intensive “caring” unit. Client directed coaching and hypnosis are the type of care I offer at Enter Into Calm. Each person, whether 1:1 or in a group brings the wisdom then I guide them to uncover this strength for their own benefit.


There is a great need for people to reclaim their power –in cancer journey and during childbirth. Balancing the medical approach and holistic mindfulness can prove to be powerful, effective, and beneficial. I am one of only a small number globally of Hypno-Oncology Certified Practitioners. And I have global accolades as a  HypnoBirthing®  Educator.

As a mom, wife, professional, and business owner; I strive to live a life that will outlive me. I am learning to face my own fears, accept my imperfections, and embrace this messy life fully. 

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