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create change hypnosis helps subconcious mind Jan 21, 2023

Setting goals is easy and exciting. However, putting in the hard work and maintaining consistency is different. Once the initial excitement ends, you may start doubting your ability to achieve the goals and making excuses. However, it doesn't have to be like that. Everybody creates goals while hoping they will achieve them. With some help, you can get the drive and energy to meet your goals more often and with far less energy. You will maintain focus and enthusiasm and have no doubts about what you can do. This article explores how hypnosis and Timeline Therapy® can help you consistently reach your goals. But before that, let's look at why you may be setting goals and not achieving them.

Why Do People Fail to Achieve Their Goals?

Setting goals and achieving them can be challenging at times. Even the ones that seem easy such as eating right and reducing time on screen can be impossible to achieve. There are several reasons why people don't reach their goals. These include:


You must believe you have all it takes to achieve your goal to reach it. When you have doubts, you will always imagine how things can go wrong and what will happen if you fail. You will not put in maximum effort since you will always be afraid of failing. That hinders you from tapping your full potential and reaching for what you desire.

Not Working for Them

Setting a goal is not enough. You also need to work hard to achieve it. You need to list what actions you need to take to get what you desire and work until you reach there. If you work hard to take action, then you will succeed.

Lack Of Focus

Many people have the potential to achieve their goals, but a lack of focus comes between them and their aspirations. When you identify something you want to achieve, you must focus and put your energy into it.

If you set too many goals simultaneously, you will lose focus, and there is a possibility of achieving none. Most successful people focus on a specific plan to become the best in what they do.

Giving Up Too Soon

When faced with challenges and setbacks, you can easily give up. This especially happens when you are unsure you can navigate the challenges and win. After all, quitting and doing nothing is always easier than looking for solutions.

Achieving Goals Through Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy®

You can benefit from hypnosis and Timeline Therapy® if you set goals but never achieve them consistently. These approaches have been carefully crafted to help people like you overcome all the hindrances that prevent them from achieving their desires. Let's take a look into what the approaches entail.

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and deep focus achieved through the guidance of a trained hypnotherapist. Its goal is to help you engage your whole mind, including the part of the mind useful in setting and achieving goals.

Goals live in both the conscious and the unconscious mind. The conscious mind focuses on viewing goals objectively, while the subconscious dwells on how to attain goals and how you feel once you reach them. The conscious mind is the goal-setter. The unconscious mind is the goal-getter!

For example, if you write down a goal to buy a luxurious house, your mind will think about how the house will look and how much you can afford to purchase.

On the other hand, the unconscious creates feelings of what it will be like once you buy the house and settle with your family there.

Hypnosis taps into the conscious and unconscious, eliminating the obstacles and distractions that hinder you from reaching your goals.

Most people already know what they want to achieve, but sometimes, they get distracted along the way, failing to accomplish their dreams. Hypnosis eliminates this by helping you focus until you get what you have always desired

The mind is very powerful and organizes all your beliefs, values, and thoughts. Hypnosis taps into its power, allowing you to confront any challenges that hinder you from reaching your goals.

How Does Hypnosis Help in Goal Setting?

Hypnosis helps you remember things that have happened and imagine things that will happen in the future. It lets you let go of the past and focus on the future.

The human brain is very powerful. What you put your focus on is what is most likely to happen. Your energy flows to where your attention goes. By letting go of the past and focusing on your future, you will eliminate hindrances that prevent you from reaching your goals.

Without hypnosis, you may set goals but then start worrying whether you have everything you need to achieve them. Self-doubt may creep in, and you may begin to lose focus and give up along the way.

Benefits Of Hypnosis in Goal Setting

Some of the benefits of hypnosis in goal setting include:

It Gives Real Results

Not every approach you take to reach your goals will give results. Fortunately, hypnosis has been proven effective, and many people who have attended sessions have experienced great transformation. Since it addresses your unconscious mind, it stimulates your imagination and creativity, helping you create your future.

It Gives Fast Results

Working with a certified hypnotist will deliver fast results. You only need a few sessions and will be ready to achieve your goals.

Creates Permanent Change

Hypnosis creates permanent change, helping you achieve every goal you set at any point in your life. Whether you want to quit smoking, improve your mental health or accomplish any other goal, you can rely on it for long-lasting results.

You Don't Need to Visit a Hypnotist Physically

You don't need to see a hypnotist physically to benefit from it. Hypnosis sessions are available online, and you can join them from home.

What Is Timeline Therapy®?

Timeline Therapy® was developed by Tad James, Ph.D., in the 80s. It refers to a therapeutic process that combines neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis to help a person release negative energy and limiting beliefs that hold them back while creating the future they want. It provides one of the most powerful techniques for personal growth and change. Timeline Therapy® helps you let go of the past, change your mindset, and think about the future and what you want.

How Does Timeline Therapy® Help in Achieving Goals?

Timeline coaching helps a person visualize what their future will be like after reaching their goals. By doing this, they can concentrate on devising plans, get rid of limiting beliefs, and develop short-term goals that eventually help them achieve their long-term goal.

A Timeline Therapy® coach helps you create your life's timeline, from when you were born to the present. By doing so, you can see how past happenings have influenced the situation you are currently in and identify any area you may be stuck in. They help you release the negative energy and limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving your goals.

This approach has been proven effective in helping people achieve their goals and has been used by life and business coaches, psychologists, family counselors, and psychiatrists, among other professionals.

Benefits Of Timeline Therapy®

Some of the benefits of Timeline Therapy® include the following:

It helps Release Several Emotions Simultaneously

One of the benefits of Timeline Therapy® is that it helps you release a chain of emotions, unlike other emotion-release techniques that focus on releasing one emotion at a time.

Also, it does not clear your memory, as some people think. Instead, it only clears negative emotions and limiting beliefs created by the memory. Memories make our history, and removing them from our systems would be wrong.

Fast Results

Another benefit of Timeline Therapy® is that it works within hours. You don't have to wait days or months to benefit from it.

Creates Realistic Expectations About Performance and External Obstacles

With Timeline Therapy®, you don't set goals you cannot achieve. You only set realistic ones you can easily achieve. Once you let go of negative emotions, you can only think through your goals and set realistic ones.

Prepares A Person for The Future by Giving Them an Idea of What Is to Come

Timeline Therapy® gives you an idea of what the future will look like. If challenges come, you will be in a better position to handle them since you will have somehow expected that they will happen. Also, you have an idea of how it will feel once you attain your goals, which gives you more motivation to work hard.


Often, people set goals but fail to achieve them after experiencing challenges. This may happen due to negative past experiences, self-doubt, or fear. When you fail to achieve a goal, you may doubt your capabilities to achieve other goals in the future and feel like you are no longer in control of your life.

Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy® have been proven effective in helping people achieve their goals. The approaches are safe and give long-lasting results

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