5 Reasons Why Expectant Mothers Choose Hypnobirthing for a More Positive and Comfortable Childbirth 

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While becoming a parent is something many people look forward to, being pregnant, labor, and delivery are not always easy to deal with. Research has shown that 33% of mothers worldwide describe childbirth as traumatic, which negatively impacts their health. In fact, up to a quarter of these women go on to development post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. 

Apart from this traumatic experience, women also suffer pain and discomfort, especially during labor and birth. And it’s not only women who go through challenges during this period. Their partners also get emotionally affected sometimes.

Fortunately, there are safe and effective techniques you can adopt to make your birth experience easier, Hypnobirthing® being one of them. The technique helps women navigate pregnancy and childbirth more easily, which results in better birth outcomes. 

They are able to get rid of childbirth fear and other negative emotions which hold them back and feel in control of their birth experience. 

Read on to learn more about Hypnobirthing® and why it has become a favorite topic among expectant women all around the world. 

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing® is a birth preparation method that helps women have a calm and relaxed birth experience.  It works on the basis that fear, anxiety, and tension can lead to complications during childbirth and that by learning how to remain calm and relaxed during the process, a woman can have a less troublesome and more comfortable experience.

While Hypnobirthing® does not guarantee a complications-free or pain-free birth, it has been proven to have a range of benefits, including shorter labor, reduced need for medical intervention, and reduced stress and anxiety, among others.

How Does Hypnobirthing® Work?

Hypnobirthing® works through various techniques. Some of these include:


Visualization is the use of mental imagery to create a relaxed and calming environment. For example, in hypnobirthing, visualization helps a woman imagine themselves in a relaxing place rather than focusing on the pain and discomfort caused by contractions. By doing that, they can manage pain and anxiety, leading to a better birth experience.

Visualization has been proven to help women feel in control of their birth experience, reduce the intensity of pain during labor and feel satisfied with their labor experiences. 


Hypnobirthing® teaches women how to say positive words to themselves, also known as affirmations. The purpose of these words is to help them stay calm and relaxed and build confidence during labor and delivery.

Some of the affirmations a woman can say during labor include:

  • “Each contraction brings me closer to seeing my baby”
  • “I am capable of birthing a healthy baby”
  • “I appreciate the opportunity to bring forth life”
  • “My body is capable of bringing life into this world”
  • “My baby is safe and healthy”
  • “I am surrounded by support and love”
  • “I release childbirth fear and tension from my body”

Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques also help women stay calm, relaxed, and focused. It involves techniques such as slow, deep breathing, and breath awareness. In slow deep breathing, a woman inhales slowly through the nose and exhales through the mouth, reducing stress and promoting relaxation

Breath awareness, on the other hand, encourages getting rid of distractions and focusing on one’s breath. The breathing techniques taught during Hypnobirthing® education differ depending on the intent for the breath, during a surge (aka contraction), birth breathing, or calm, resting breath. 

Variety of  Birthing  Methods

There are several birthing methods and positions that are highlighted in Hypnobirthing® outside of the more “traditional” means. Some of these include:

Water Birth

Water birth is a childbirth method in which the mother labors and gives birth in a tub or pool filled with warm water. The water supports the mother's body and helps her to relax, allowing for a more comfortable and less painful birth experience. The warm water also increases circulation and reduces stress on the baby during the process.

During a water birth, the mother can stay in different positions, such as sitting or squatting, to help facilitate the birthing process. The baby is born underwater and is gently lifted to the surface by the healthcare provider.

Squatting position

The squatting position is a common birthing position that has been used for centuries. This position involves squatting down, either with or without support, during labor and delivery. 

The squatting position can help to open the pelvis and increase the size of the birth canal, which can make it easier for the baby to pass through. Squatting can also help to reduce the length of the second stage of labor and may help to prevent tearing. 

Side-lying position

The side-lying position is another birthing position that can be used during labor and delivery. This position involves lying on your side, with your knees bent and pulled up towards your chest. 

The side-lying position can help to reduce the pressure on the mother's back and can provide a more comfortable position for women who have had an epidural. This position is also thought to reduce the risk of tearing. 

The method encourages open communication with healthcare providers and informed decision-making about medical interventions.

Why Are Women Opting For Hypnobirthing® Over Other Traditional Techniques?

There are several reasons why women are opting for hypnobirthing over traditional childbirth preparation classes like Bradley and Lamaze. These include:


  • It Encourages Partner Involvement


Hypnobirthing® classes are designed for couples, where partners attend along with the woman who will be giving birth. These classes provide them with an understanding of the techniques used in hypnobirthing and teach them how to support each other during labor.

During labor, your partner can provide physical support by helping you change positions, providing massage, and offering words of encouragement.

This helps reduce stress and anxiety and promotes relaxation.

“I remember being so anxious a few months before childbirth. Since I was pregnant for the first time, I really had no idea of how to deal with the issue. I thought so much about my delivery, and all I had was fear of the unknown. Most of the time, negative thoughts filled my mind, making the matter worse. 

Fortunately, my partner was ready to seek help to help me get rid of the thoughts and have a calm and relaxed childbirth. He consulted his older friends, who recommended Christy’s hypnobirthing classes. We signed up for the classes, and by the second session, I could tell that things were getting better. The negative thoughts were replaced by positive ones. I was also glad that nothing went wrong during labor and delivery. I gave birth to my boy, Joe. My partner was there with us the entire period, which really helped me stay calm. “



  • It Reduces Pain And Stress


Hypnobirthing techniques help reduce pain and anxiety during labor and delivery, which can lead to a more comfortable and positive birth experience. 

In addition, hypnobirthing techniques such as deep breathing and visualization promote relaxation, which, in turn, reduces tension in the body and promotes blood flow, leading to a more comfortable birth.


  • It Leads To An Increased Sense Of Control


Hypnobirthing emphasizes the role of the mother in the birthing process and encourages her to take an active role in her own care. This gives women a greater sense of control and empowerment during childbirth. 

In addition, it makes it easy for them to communicate with their health providers and make sound decisions.


  • It Shortens Labor


Hypnobirthing has been proven to shorten labor. It does this by promoting relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety. 

When a woman is stressed or anxious during labor, her body may release stress hormones like cortisol, slowing labor down and making it more painful. By promoting relaxation, hypnobirthing reduces the release of stress hormones, allowing labor to progress more efficiently.

Additionally, hypnobirthing helps women to stay calm and focused during labor, which can help them to conserve energy and avoid unnecessary interventions that may slow down labor. 

For example, if a woman is able to stay relaxed and comfortable, she may be less likely to request pain medication or an epidural, which can sometimes prolong labor.


  • It Reduces The Need For Medical Intervention


Hypnobirthing® often reduces or eliminates the need for medical intervention. It does this by helping women manage comfort and pain, making taking pain medications or epidurals unnecessary. 

This reduces the risk of side effects from pain medication, such as drowsiness or nausea, and helps labor progress more smoothly.

Also, With a smooth and natural labor progression, there is less need for medical interventions such as induced labor or cesarean section.

“When I was expecting my first baby, I was so scared due to the horror stories I had heard about childbirth. I was particularly fearful of the pain and discomfort I’d heard people talk about. Somehow, I doubted I’d have a natural birth. However, I always had a feeling that it was possible for me to give birth naturally, and for that reason, I started doing research. I bumped into hypnobirthing and immediately signed up for sessions.

I spent the rest of my pregnancy months practicing what I had learned, and come the delivery day, I had let go of the fears and doubts I had earlier. When labor began, I practiced all the techniques I had learned. And although the process was not entirely pain-free, I remained in control and had my baby without medical intervention.


Is Hypnobirthing Safe For Everyone?

Generally, Hypnobirthing® is a safe technique. However, it may not be suitable for everyone. Hypnobirthing may not be recommended in certain situations, such as for women with high-risk pregnancies, however, techniques learned are applicable to and helpful for birthing moms regardless of the situation.

In these more extreme situations, medical intervention may unavoidable to ensure the safety of both the mother and the baby. Having the space to be guided into all the what if’s by a Certified Hypnobirthing® Educator can be extraordinarily beneficial and make moms more calm throughout the process. 

It’s always good to consult your provider as you explore the technique. Also, ensure that you disclose information related to your health to your  Certified Hypnobirthing® Educator for professional advice.


The emphasis on relaxation and self-empowerment, the focus on a more natural childbirth without medication, and the involvement of partners in the childbirth experience are just a few of the factors that make hypnobirthing an appealing option for many women. 

Hypnobirthing has been proven effective and safe when offered by qualified Certified Hypnobirthing® Educators

While the effectiveness of Hypnobirthing® may vary from woman to woman, the positive outcomes reported by many women who have used this technique suggest that it may be worth exploring as an option for childbirth preparation.

Try it today and make your pregnancy and childbirth journey more comfortable and fulfilling.

Are you pregnant or planning to, but feeling nervous and unsure of your body’s capabilities to give birth to a healthy baby? 

My name is Christy, and I’m here to hold your hand and make your journey smoother. With my Hypnobirthing® sessions, you can become more relaxed and confident in your body’s ability to bring forth life. I have worked with women like you before, so I understand what you are going through. 

As a Certified Hypnobirthing® Educator and a proud mom myself, I will listen to your concerns, and together, we’ll devise a plan to create a positive birth experience. 

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