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Focus on Healthy Weight!

Fast. Effective. Easy. 

when you think about hypnosis, do you wonder ...

"My mind is so active, I could never be hypnotized, I can't even relax"

"I'm a skeptic. I am pretty certain it won't work for me" or

"I tried meditation before and could not settle in"

Yup! I get it. Hypnosis has an image of someone on stage acting ridiculous or airy fairy, woo, & mystic mind control - NOT TRUE!

It is recognized as fast and effective anxiety relief, pain reduction, and more. 

And there are so many questions...  how can I use it in my life? when can I use myself? how can I share with my family?

Learn more around 5 topics and wonder no more.

 Healthy Eating Series

Access these powerful guided hypnosis recordings to help you in your weight loss journey from a subconscious level.

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What are clients saying?

Your guided visualizations are communicated clearly and with warmth... 

If you haven't explored the power of hypnosis yet, you're in for a beautiful treat, especially with Christy! ~Samantha G 


I have been doing the self-hypnosis you taught...  "Every day in every way..." nightly and in the mornings.... and guess what? I am feeling better and better!!!

It is so easy! ~Desi K


Christy's hypnosis session was so amazing!

From the moment we started our zoom call, she helped me feel completely comfortable & safe and ultimately more confident. HIGHLY recommend! ~Justin H


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