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Heard about Hypnobirthing but wondering if it will work for you?

  • Perhaps you have an idea that this approach to birth is only for those “natural home-birth-types” and your just not so sure if that is what you are up for. 
  • Perhaps you have a mind that never slows down, so you doubt that using “hypnosis” would even be of benefit.
  • Perhaps your partner is way under-impressed with the whole idea and without their support you feel frustrated.
  • Perhaps you just know there has to be more tolls that you can use for birth outside of what you already know.


You feel that excitement growing as your belly swells with life. Even the thought of baby brings a smile to your face. Build upon that excitement and discover if hypnobirthing tools are the right fit for you. 

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Most all couples who come into the course have never used hypnosis. 

Most all couples have reservations about how this will help them.

Most all couples enter with a curious but skeptical mind.

and they find that they LEARNED so much.

They HAD FUN with the experience and REALLY ENJOYED the conversations, practice, and knowledge. 


Perhaps this is just what you need.


Take this quiz now and find out more. Once you take the quiz, your results are immediately sent to you. Plus, you will receive helpful and useful information about birth!

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