The year of the RAT: 2020

encouragement Nov 29, 2020

Sometimes when life gets discouraging or unusually challenging, I find myself searching the web for Chinese zodiac horoscopes. Back “in the day” I can recall looking up the horoscopes in the latest ‘Teen or YM magazine. Do you remember looking up your beauty horoscopes or finding love tips based upon the Chinese calendar? Sometimes they would even offer a bonus section!

Anyone else try to peak into the predictions of the future or find a bit of solace by pointing to the  “cycle” of which things happen? It can help when times get tough, I can rest assured that things usually get better. It helps to see what resonates with my current situation.

So what did the 12-year zodiac calendar predict for us in 2020:

“…quite challenging, especially health-wise, but also financially, with obstacles, impediments, and unpredictable situations, which will mainly occur during the first half of the year.”

Gulp! Health issues, financial instability! Obstacles…yes! Unpredictable situations, indeed. By March we had this novel virus coming into existence and changing our lives, shutting things down… in the United States and World Wide. In May, we witnessed the brutal murder of George Floyd at the hands of ignorant police. This set into place (and rightfully so) civil unrest in his name as well as many others who have been victims of racial injustice. Now, September we still contend with the virus and it’s impact, the important but divided discussion on social policy, and nature has unleashed a wildfire season that has destroyed many areas and caused a regional shutdown.

It goes on to say…

“…During the first half of the year, you will have more free time, and you will be able to rest and make plans for the future. You will consolidate the relationship with your life partner, and you will spend more time with the kids.” (found on: ChineseZodiac)

Yes, that rings true here. Funny how many times I wished, AND WISHED, and WISHED SOME MORE for free time to rest and spend with my girls. I did not think it would come in the form of a pandemic literally closing things down.

But that is the strange part, I could see the “what” but I had no control over the “how”. Actually, I had no plan for how to create more time. This slowing down allowed me the space to regroup and re-discover what I find important.

May I start to create my plans for the future, just as stated in the horoscope! I will not stand back and “wish for” the world to offer me another gift…

One way to get started quickly is to start with your why. Why are you here? What is important to you? When you discover your true NORTH the how creates itself.

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