Hello world!

Nov 29, 2020

Welcome to my chaotic life. Yup, some accuse me of looking all “put together” but with a closer examination you can see the duck tape & bailing wire, the grey hair, the stretch marks, the fear, the worry, and the imperfections.

Life is a journey, so they say, and so it begins. I want to feel the parts of my journey, remember them, bathe in them, soak them in. I can recall wanting and longing to be 16, then 21, then 25…for at these ages there was some “reward” or right of passage into womanhood, into adulthood, living on my own, having my own space, traveling abroad, and renting a car.

Life seems to go by so fast, even faster now that I have two young children. The days seem long at times, but the years go by fast. Enter 2020! Who could have predicted our world?

winking takes practice 😉

A crazy wonderful gift amid the go go go of modern living. A crazy wonderful gift that reminds one just how important my dreams are. A crazy wonderful gift floating beyond reach until we find the calm that allows us to change.

Enter into calm. Calm your mind and be present. Calm your heart and feel connected. Calm your body and feel your strength. Calm allows you to be in control. Calm allows you to make the right decision for you in the right moment.

So hello there, world! I see you, I hear you, I feel you. I take a deep breath, find calm, and embrace the journey.

Be Calm ...

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