Build up Mind - Body Connection

with Practical Tools

Each Friday that I am available, I open my zoom room for you; we all come together to learn, try on practical mind tools designed for improving overall well-being. All are welcome, come a stranger, leave as a friend!

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Less Hot Flashes:

with Hypnosis

Recorded April 19. Hypnosis can help reduce hot flashes and night sweats by up to 74%. This session takes you into a relaxed state with cooling imagery to cool you off instantly. Listen Time: 30 minutes

Hot Flash Hypnosis

Cold Hands & Feet: 

Help for Raynaud's

Recorded April 5. Hypnosis encourages your body to respond more effectively to changes in temperature, reducing the severity of Raynaud's symptoms and enhancing your overall comfort and well-being.  Listen Time: 21 minutes

Warm the Hands & Feet Audio

Negative Emotion Release

Taught March 22. Are you longing for emotional healing? Do you want to let go of past wounds? 

Spring Cleaning for the Mind: enjoy feeling lighter and more peaceful. Listen Time: 20 minutes

Negative Emotions Release Audio

Forgiveness #1: Create Your Healing Sanctuary

Recorded January 12. No one can enter your sanctuary without your permission….  And anyone that you invite in, can only stay as long as you desire. Listen Time: 15 minutes.


Healing Sanctuary Audio

Forgiveness #2: Forgiveness Meditation

Recorded January 19. A wonderful 3 step approach. First forgive those we have caused harm, then turn attention to those who have harmed us, and lastly forgive yourselves. Listen Time 15 minutes. 

Forgiveness Meditation Audio

Forgiveness #3:

Forgive Yourself  

Recorded January 26. Make your future work for you. Begin living the best, most determined, most optimistic compassionate life now. Listen time: 20 minutes

Forgive Yourself Audio

Forgiveness #4: Ho'oponopono Relaxation 

Recorded Feb 2. Explore an ancient Hawaiian practice called Ho'oponopono – a beautiful prayer for forgiveness that brings balance and healing to your mind and spirit. Listen time: 16 minutes

Ho'oponopono Audio


Unconditional Love

Recorded February 9. There is lots of scientific evidence suggesting that self-love can have a positive impact on your mental health, self-esteem, and overall life satisfaction. Listen Time: 13 minutes

Unconditional Love Audio


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