Hypnosis for Nurses: Program Overview


Hypnosis and NLP are emerging in Business, Personal Development, Therapy and Relationships, Education and Learning… and Everyday Life.

Nurses can take this new perspective and models of excellence for instant application to their unique situation, whether their own relationships (or self-development), workplace, coaching situations, or community service arenas.

Hypnosis has transformed from primarily being a therapeutic art into a broader science that has much to offer the nursing profession. Its list of meaningful contributions is ever expanding across health care disciplines and in cognitive neuroscience.

Hypnotic language patterns and clinical uses of hypnosis bring a limitless bag of techniques into the hand of the professional nurse, who will be impressed and motivated by the number of possibilities it offers.

Hypnosis for Nurses participants will learn to effectively use language and hypnosis techniques to empower, communicate with anyone instantly, build deep and lasting rapport with others at the unconsciousness level, eliminate emotional baggage to move forward, and purposefully embed hypnotic language for clinical related situations or in coaching, teaching, facilitating, or leading.



National Guild of Hypnotists 

When you complete this parts 1 and 2 of Hypnosis for Nurses, you’ll be a certified hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and your first year of membership is included with your investment*:
  • NGH is the oldest educational certifying Guild for Hypnosis.
  • NGH is over 14,000 members strong in over 80 countries worldwide.
  • NGH has the most thorough and comprehensive training curriculum.
  • NGH offers educational conferences, journals, peer-reviewed Board Certification process, regulatory guidance, professional collaboration, networking system, and more.

"Great class, very interactive. Be prepared to learn and grow because that is exactly what will happen once you commit to the class. Huge changes in my world and the way I interact with the world."


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